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Classroom Rules

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Class Expectations

At the beginning of the year, a few classroom rules will be established. These rules are based on respect for themselves, others, and property. The rules are as follows:

  • Raise a quiet hand for questions or help

  • Keep hands, feet , and objects to self

  • Follow the directions the 1st time given

  • Be prepared and ready to learn

  • Speak and act respectfully towards others


Although I hope that your child will make good choices every day, I want you to know what steps will be taken to correct any poor choices your student may make. The consequences are based on a color-coded behavior chart system.

On our chart all students will begin the day on green, which indicates that they are ready to learn.  Depending on their choices, students may move up or down the chart. Even if a child initially makes poor choices that cause them to move down the chart, turning their behavior choices around could allow them to move back up the chart.

The list below gives the colors on our chart and what each color stands for.

  • Rainbow- Your child is a role model for other students!

  • Green- Ready to Learn- Your child is following directions and meeting expectations.

  • Yellow- Your child needs reminders on behavior and/or work habits expectations.

  • Red- Your child is having on-going difficulties that are affecting the learning in our classroom and your input is needed to change this situation.

Classroom Incentives           

In addition to Class Dojo points and Classroom Economy dollars, a list of rewards are displayed in the classroom.

The rewards include:

  1. Praise from teachers

  2. Homework Passes

  3. Happy phone calls or notes home

  4. Good report cards

  5. Stickers

  6. Free time at the end of the Day

  7. Special Game with Friends

  8. Extra Computer Time