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Ah yes, Homework!
Homework is an important bridge that connects learning that takes place in school to learning and practicing at home. Students will have spelling, phonics, and math homework each night. Don't forget to read, Read, READ! :) 
The skills and strategies found in their homework will always be a review of what was focused on and learned throughout the day. If you feel that your child is spending too much or too little time on their assignments, please let me know so I can work with your child toward a solution. 
Our class does not have homework on weekends, so that students have time to spend with family and friends. However, there is always time to read!

This Week's Homework


Chapter Book Assignments

Please listen to your child read the "Chapter Book" to you each night. If they are having trouble with some of the words, remind them to chunk, sound out, or stretch out the words.