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Snack List

Mrs. Cantone's Pre-K Snack Information
• I will be asking for special items to be donated for snack time that coordinate with the theme or letter we will be learning about. A notice and a schedule will be sent home to inform you of what can be provided. Please keep an eye out for this list.

• We are a PEANUT FREE/NUT FREE classroom. This means that no nut products of any kind should be brought into the classroom. This includes products and snacks that are manufactured in a facility that contains nuts.

• Birthdays will be celebrated during snack time. If you wish to celebrate your child's special day with the class, please coordinate with me in advance.

Snack List

1 pack of small plastic drinking cups
 1 gallon of water
Apple juice
1 bag of thin pretzel sticks
1 box of Graham crackers
1 box of Saltines