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Rules & Reminders

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1. Follow directions the first time they are given
2. Raise your hand to speak
3. Stay in your seat
4. Listen to and look at speaker
5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

1st time: Verbal Warning
2nd time: Name written with check mark
3rd time: 2nd check mark & quiet snack
4th time: Parents contacted
5th time: Parents called or principal notified

Free time in class
Positive notes to parents
Special class activities
Dolphin Dollars

Things to Remember

  • Label everything: Backpacks, clothing, and lunchboxes all need to have first initials and last names on them.
  • Lunch money: Place lunch money in an envelope or ziplock bag and write your child's name and pin number on the outside.
  • Tardies/Absences: Late students need to get a "late slip" from the office before coming to class. Absent students need an "admit slip" the day they return to class.
  • Birthdays: To prevent hurt feelings, birthday invitations may not be distributed at school. Your child may celebrate his/her birthday at school by bringing a Peanut/Nut  treat for all. Check with the teacher for appropriate times. Children with summer birthdays can celebrate half birthdays or can have a joint school party in June.
  • Parent Volunteers: For safety reasons, parent volunteers sign in at the office and wear a name tag while on campus during school hours. Any parent wishing to drive on field trips must have an insurance form on file.
  • Conferences/Progress Reports: Conferences are held in the Fall and Spring. Additional conferences can be made by special arrangement with the teacher. Progress reports are given three times per semester.