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Snack Time!

Pre-K Snack Information

* Nutritious snacks are donated/provided by the parents/guardians. The class is divided into two groups – Group 1 and Group 2.  When we need snacks, juice, water, etc., we will send home a paper asking for donations to your assigned group. There is no need to send in daily individual snacks. We do have a refrigerator for perishables.

* We are a PEANUT FREE/NUT FREE classroom. We are not permitted to have any products/snacks that contain nuts.  This includes products and snacks that are manufactured in a facility that contain nuts.  Please be aware of this and read the labels before sending in snack donations. If an item is sent in that states may contain nuts and/or processed in a plant that has nuts we cannot accept the donation.

* Snack will be served family style – this encourages children to try new foods.  Please inform me if there is a food allergy to a particular food and if your child cannot have something due to religious beliefs.

* There will be times during the school year that I will be asking for special items to be donated for special snacks that go along with a theme. A letter will be going home and a list will be by the pick-up door. If you need the special snack list sent home to you because your child takes the bus or if you are not the one picking them up, please let me know.

* Birthdays will be celebrated during snack time. If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday, you could send in a birthday snack.  Please let me know in advance.

* Milk is served during snack time. If you choose not to order milk, then your child will be served water or juice. Please be aware of the due dates for the milk. Any envelopes returned after the due date cannot be accepted.