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Fun Links

The World Wide Web is full of entertaining and educational sites. These are just a few that parents might enjoy visiting with their children.

First Grade

Second Grade

 Mrs. Coco's Recommended Sites

Prefixes! un- and re-
We are learning the meaning of these prefixes! Use this site to practice!

Study Jams! Sold, Liquid, Gas Song!
In science we are learning all about different types of matter! Practice this song to make sure you know your facts!

This site reinforces the reading strategy of visualizing

Howard B. Wigglebottom
Award winning author Howard B. Wigglebottom animated books, games, songs, activities, and more!

This site has great games that reinforce math and reading skills including sight word BINGO and Basketball Math! Just click on the first grade Balloon and you are set!

This fun and educational site will help you learn proper typing technique.


Spelling City
A great website to help you practice your weekly spelling words.

Story Place
A great site to practice reading

Grammar Practice
Some great games to practice nouns and verbs

Dr. Seuss!
A great site to enjoy the fun stories and games of Dr. Seuss.