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Mrs. Manfra’s Kindergarten Supply List



1 box of crayons (24 count- Crayola is the best!)
10-12  #2 pencils (already sharpened) I will collect them all at the beginning of the year and use them as needed, so no fancy ones.   ThanksJ   
6 large glue sticks
1 pair of youth scissors
1 pencil box(large enough to hold materials. NO SOFT ZIPPER CASES PLEASE.)
Primary composition notebook (primary ruled with dotted lines on the bottom and a place to draw on the top of each page) *I know that Walmart sells them.*

3 two-pocket folders (plastic ones last the longest. Please put your child’s name on them.)
1 smock or old shirt for art (labeled with your child’s name) 
1 container of disinfecting wipes

1 container of wet wipes
2 boxes of tissues

Boys-1 box of gallon ziploc bags

Girls-1 box of snack ziploc bags

1 pair of headphones for the i-ready computer lab (Headphones work much better than earbuds. Please put them in a ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.)

*Please send in a change of clothes, under garments included, in a ziploc bag labeled with a name.  (These will be kept in your child’s backpack for the year and used as needed. There is usually a separate zipper in front of the backpack.  The clothes can be kept there.)


Thank you for all of these supplies!