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The vision at Hannah Caldwell Elementary School is to prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world by teaching them critical thinking skills, and a respect for the core values of honesty, perseverance and compassion. Students will be challenged and inspired while promoting their intellectual curiosity.  Students will reach their maximum potential while receiving the knowledge and skills to become a productive member of society. 


Hannah Caldwell Elementary School is located on a hilltop setting at 1120 Commerce Avenue in Union, New Jersey. It has an enrollment of 580 children in Grades Pre-Kindergarten to Four. The school serves a diverse population that reflects the community.

The mission of Hannah Caldwell is to provide a safe, well-organized, child-centered environment, which establishes an atmosphere conducive to mutual respect, integrity, and shared values. These values encourage each child to reach his/her social, physical, and academic potential. When the resources of students, staff, and community are combined, children will develop life skills needed to become productive adults and life-long learners.

The program at Hannah Caldwell fosters academic excellence. Students receive instruction in all Core Content Standard areas. Speech, ESL, Resource Center, In-Class Support, and the Academic Achievement Program (funded through Title I) are available to students needing support services. The school day also includes exploratory and enrichment areas such as Gifted/Talented, Health and Physical Education, Art, Music, Computers, Spanish, and Chorus. Instrumental music lessons, band, and orchestra are available to interested third and fourth grade students. The students at Hannah Caldwell enjoy the opportunity to access computers in the computer lab, media center, AAP Lab, as well as in their own classrooms. Numerous classrooms also employ the use of Smart Board and Smart Pad technologies. All computers are networked and online.

Other support services include a full-time Interventionist who provides individual and small group counseling, and the Rainbow Program for children who have experienced a loss.

Hannah Caldwell is focused on comprehensive strategies to promote positive student behaviors and social skills. Special programs which highlight student involvement are the Citizenship Assemblies, "VIP" Program, and other community support initiatives. Hannah Caldwell students also participate in a school-wide reading incentive program. In addition, the staff also provides after-school enrichment programs for students in Grades One through Four focusing on reading, creative writing, and math.

A strong initiative for parent participation is evident through Family Math, Family Science, and Parent Orientations for every grade-level, and Parenting Skills Seminars. These programs assist parents in understanding the Core Curriculum Standards, and their role through active participation. When our parents and school join as a team, the students win. The PTA at Hannah Caldwell coordinates the parent volunteer program. Parents are encouraged to share their interests and/or expertise, and to assist with school time tasks. Parents are also invited to participate in our school's Building-Based Parent-Teacher Involvement Committee, which meets several times per year.

Hannah Caldwell is an exciting and vibrant place where students come first. Staff, parents, and community are committed to building strong bonds between home and school, which provides the formula for the best possible educational environment for all of our children