Main Office

Hannah Caldwell Elementary School
1120 Commerce Avenue
Union, New Jersey  07083
(908) 206-6100 or 6102
Fax (908) 206-9282

Nurse's Office

School Nurse - 
Attendance:  To report your child's absence, please contact the school nurse at 908-206-6104
If your child is in a peanut free classroom and you want to send any food items into the class, they
need to have a label on that states "peanut free".  Stop and Shop and Shop Rite have items clearly
marked with a peanut free label.  No homemade items will be allowed into a "peanut free" classroom.

School Counselor

Child Study Team

Child Study Team
Phone - 908-851-6543
Dan Seugling
Danielle Perry - 908-851-4427

Library/Media Center

Media Center
(908) 206-6113
Ms. Melissa Antolovich - Media Specialist
Hannah Caldwell Online Catalog
Hannah Caldwell Kids' Catalog